11 August 2019

Today's Quick Tip:

Mounties take on Canterbury (Reserves) at the HE Laybutt Field making this a Mounties home game attendence.

If history is to repeat itself today then the Mounties win this one in a close affair, they have a solid record at home against Canterbury.

Mounties INS

  • Emre Guler
  • Harley Smith-Shields
  • Jarrett Boland
  • Michael Oldfield

Mounties OUTS

  • Andre Niko
  • Brendan O'Hagan
  • Luke Bateman
  • Royce Hunt
 Canterbury INS
  • Jake Averillo
  • Jesse Marschke
  • Jesse Martin
  • John Olive
  • Samuel Radovu

Canterbury OUTS

  • Christian Crichton
  • Raymond Faitala-Mariner

Our Prediction: Mounties 

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