No time to say goodbye

09 April 2019 - Written by Jordan Kahu

I couldn’t utter a word. Tears clouded my eyes and memories rolled around my head.

The day I departed the Broncos was as sad and emotional as I have been.

Brisbane had pretty much been my home – my world – for the decade since I made the move from Alicetown in Lower Hutt as a kid.

Letting everything go was a deeply personal and painful experience. I now know the meaning of the word ‘harrowing’.

A couple of weeks after Anthony Seibold moved in to replace Wayne Bennett, I sensed I wasn’t going to be a first-choice player in the Broncos’ side.

I asked Anthony what I had to do moving forward and he simply suggested that I train hard and an opportunity might present itself.

I felt I had worked my butt off for the Broncs and I knew exactly what I had contributed to the team over 10 years.

Sure, I’d had some major injuries along the way but, deep down, I felt I deserved a spot.

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