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Ghana Rugby League pledge to empower women on International Women’s Day

09 Mar 21, 9:11AM 0 Comments

The women’s section of the Rugby League Federation Ghana has launched a new campaign to coincide with International Women’s Day, entitled #WeEmpower, in solidarity with the UN’s theme for the occasion this year.

It aims to empower women by challenging stereotypes and male domination in all aspects of their lives, particularly in sports, and especially during this period when the world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

“With this campaign, I’m hoping to empower a lot of women, encourage them to be better and to improve their quality of life,” said Rachel Ankomah, RLFG Women’s Rugby League co-ordinator. “We need to stop accepting what society says and fight for equal rights. We have a lot of players who are also giving back to their community through the work they do.

“Women have taken up leadership roles in the federation and I believe that should be a great motivation to others out there, and an indication that they can achieve what they set their eyes to.”

RLFG has today launched their new campaign via a zoom conference called, ‘Choose to Challenge: Challenging Stereotyping of Women and Women Empowerment.’

Edinam Yengbe, assistant women’s and events co-ordinator, commented: “Some women still hold traditional perspectives of themselves and their roles in society. Up until today, we still find women talking down the successes of other women.

Ghana Women's Rugby League We Empower

“We find women advising their daughters to behave in a certain way to be accepted in society. They choose to leave some aspects of decision making and leadership positions to their male counterparts because it is what society expects of them. How about teaching our daughters that it is all right for them to challenge existing stereotypes and encouraging them to strive to effectively and efficiently operate in male-dominated fields?”

Yengbe continued: “I’m excited about the UN’s theme for this year’s International Women’s Day celebration. We choose to be a better version of ourselves and be empowered so we can empower other women. And we choose to begin this campaign with the women in the Rugby League Federation Ghana, while extending invitations to individuals, groups or societies who find this cause worthy to join us. We are certainly leaving no one behind!”

RLFG public relations officer and sponsorship manager, Nadia Lilian Enyan, added: “The event is mainly aimed at encouraging more women who are interested in sports to join in. As we know a lot of women engaged in sporting activities are tagged with a certain name, either they’re seen as manly or “kankpe”. We hope to let women know they can indulge in all sporting activities freely, regardless of what people think. It’s all about believing in yourself and being confident about what you do and making an impact.

“Also, the event aims to encourage women that they could be in the corporate world and still be sports people. There are several women out there who occupy managerial positions yet are still very sporty and no one is able to criticize them or ridicule them for what they do.”

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