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“He was wrong”: Annesley on Luciano Leilua ‘try’

26 Mar 22, 4:20PM 0 Comments

Written by Oliver Kellner-Dunk

Photo by Getty Images

During last night’s game between the Wests Tigers and New Zealand Warriors a well-placed gubber from Tigers halfback, Luke Brooks, was punched upon by second-rower Luciano Leilua.

In a situation like this, the referee would usually award the try and have it checked by the Bunker or pass the decision on to the Bunker entirely.

However, this was not the case with the Leilua grounding as referee Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski opted to immediately call for the Warriors 20-metre restart despite calls from the Tigers to have the Bunker intervene.

This call has been met with a great amount of displeasure from fans and NRL Head of Football Graham Annesley has spoken publicly about the call today, deeming it the wrong decision.

“He (Przeklasa-Adamski) thought he saw it clearly and made a judgment call,’’ Annesley said.

“He didn’t think it was as close as what it ultimately turned out to be.

“He thought he was in a good position, had a clear view of it and made the call.

“He was wrong. He should’ve referred the decision, he didn’t refer it and we’ll never know what decision the bunker would’ve made.

“But that doesn’t in any way detract from the fact that it should’ve been referred.

“By no means am I trying to justify it, but he’s only in his third game as a single referee, but the only way people get experience is to bring them into play – much like a player.”

There is no word as to yet on the punishment Przeklasa-Adamski will receive for the decision to give the Warriors a 20-metre restart, but the fact that this call may have cost the Tigers a win will certainly not help his case.

Wests Tigers head coach Michael Maguire has also had his say on the matter in last night’s press conference.

“We had our opportunity at the back end, but it changed the mentality within the game and that’s why we have technology to work through those things,” Maguire said.

“Obviously, I will have to have another look at it … well, the ball went backwards, looked like a try to me. That’s a game-changer there, right there. It’s scoreboard pressure, the pressures that go on any team.”

The Tigers now look to next Thursday night where they will take on the Titans on the Gold Coast.

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