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NRL judiciary system set for changes in 2022

06 Feb 22, 11:15AM 0 Comments

Written by Oliver Kellner-Dunk

Photo by Getty Images

It seems to be the season for change in the National Rugby League at the moment, with alterations being made to the six again rule, a new way to monitor forward passes and now an overhaul to the judiciary system.

For a long time now fans have called for the NRL to make changes to its judiciary system as we have seen many a player handed down punishments not fitting of the on-field crime that they have committed.

Wayne Pearce, Tony McGrath and Gary Weiss of the Australian Rugby League Commission have been working with the NRL on this overhaul throughout the offseason and are believed to be in the final stages of doing so.

ARLC Chairman Peter V’Landys is overseeing the overhaul, as he expressed to The Daily Telegraph just how important this overhaul is.

“Any good corporation or organisation always reviews its procedures and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” said V’Landys.

“We’ve got input from a lot of people, we want to make sure we’ve got the best practice model available.

“Looking at it, we probably don’t, everything can be improved and we just want best practice.

“We want to make it fair to all parties.

“We want to make it as fair as possible to players, clubs and everyone else.

“We are looking at other codes and sports and how they do it to ensure we’ve got the best system in place.”

V’Landys then went on to express how important it is that the judiciary process remains independent and that players have a proper chance to make their appeals.

“I’d like to see it as independent as possible,” he said.

“When a player is given a penalty it should be done independently.

“Andrew Abdo (NRL CEO) is in favour of that as well. It takes up a lot of his time that could be better spent in commercial areas.

“The appeals process should be looked at – a player should have more opportunity to appeal.

“We may look at the NRL just acting as prosecutors as opposed to the ­decision makers on penalties.

“There can be perceptions around the judiciary that may not be correct so we want to make it as independent as possible.”

It is of paramount importance that the NRL confirms to its 16 clubs exactly what the new judiciary system will look like and how it will play out, as the 2022 season is a little over one month away.

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